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Chicago & Midwest Regional Joint Board

The Chicago and Midwest Regional Joint Board of Workers United can trace our history to the Great Clothing Strike of 1910 in Chicago, IL. More than 100 years ago, our first members, mainly immigrant women from different backgrounds, walked off their jobs to protest their working conditions. That spirit lives on today, as we are still a Union of people from different backgrounds who are willing to fight for our working conditions and our communities.

The Chicago Midwest Regional Joint Board strives to be a leading organization in union activism and labor education. Our mission is to make sure our members get the best representation at work, while they learn about their rights in an unfair economic system. We want our members and all workers in America to get living wages, safe workplaces, and to see the end of draconian right-to-work laws.

From Corvette seats to designing Cards Against Humanity to serving food at MLB ballparks, our members come from a wide array of industries. Our members supply the products you buy at TJMaxx Companies, and they also clean linens for major hospitals around the Midwest. We are proud to represent such a diverse group of union members. 

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