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Your Voice in the Workplace

You deserve fair compensation, job security and the right to work in a safe workplace where you’re treated with dignity and respect.

Social and Economic Justice

We are a community of people across borders, boundaries and creed, bound by a pursuit of a better life for every individual.

Power through Knowledge

We believe in empowerment through education, to promote the economic, social and political environments of our communities

Our Mission

Workers United is a labor union built upon a foundation of social justice. For more than 120 years, members of our predecessor unions have played crucial roles in advancing labor laws in America, and steadfastly working in the best interest of our members. Today, Workers United, an affiliate of SEIU, remains a dynamic voice, advancing the economic, social, and political welfare of our members in the United States and Canada.

Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

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Our Joint Boards

Our Joint Boards

  • 13 Affiliates
  • 86,000+ Members
  • 2,200 Employers

At Workers United, everything we do is for our members. We have two main goals:

  • to provide superior service for our members, and

  • to build the strength of our union.

To raise the standards our members enjoy we must continue to grow. The more members we have, the stronger we become.

Workers United members have better pay, better pensions, better health insurance, and better respect and dignity in the workplace.

When more workers organize and become members of Workers United, all workers benefit. We give YOU the support and guidance you need.

No Matter What!