Member Education

Workers United is a worker-driven, staff supported union. We believe in empowering our members so that they can become leaders in the workplace.

Here are some trainings our joint boards offer:

Organizing trainings

Organizing trainings provide individuals with the roadmap to organize and build power in their workplace.Develop the skills to map your workplace, understand the stages of a campaign, form a committee, have effective conversations with coworkers, conduct thorough research on your employer, create a power map, plan a strategy, and win a majority union.

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Union schools

Members learn in depth about the history of our union, the importance of, the methods, the political activities, communication, social skills, and processes needed to run a successful local. Some of our schools or camps focus on topics such as grievance investigation, writing, and negotiating, and others also teach future leaders on how to develop our Union’s culture.

Youth Council

We cultivate our future generation of leaders - the children and grandchildren of our members, who learn about what unions represent. We engage them in union activities, such as Labor Day Breakfasts, MLK Parades, Regional Meetings and Conferences, Door Knocking with parents during political season etc.

Each joint board organizes education and leadership opportunities throughout the year for their members. Some are in the form of leadership retreats, and others are called union schools.

For example, some joint boards have provided in-house trainings on health and safety, workers compensation, and preventing harrassment and workshops on mental health, and gender diversity. Reach out to your joint board to find out more or visit our calendar to see if a training is taking place at your affiliate.

Workers United also provides members with workplace trainings, including most recently, trainings about keeping safe in the pandemic. Our past trainings include:

  • Heat stress in the workplace

  • Sprains and strains in the workplace

  • Chemical hazards in the workplace

  • Cleaning and sanitizing the workplace during Covid

  • Covid-19 testing, isolation and quarantine

  • Ventilation in a time of pandemic

  • Vote for worker safety

If you'd like to access these trainings, which are available in English and Spanish, please contact us.

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