Workers United Canada Council

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Workers United Canada Council

We represent more than 10,000 workers across Canada. Our members speak over 50 languages, live in communities both large and small, work for international corporations and small local businesses, and can be found in a wide range of industries, including garment and apparel, fitness and wellness, plastics, auto parts and industrial manufacturing, transportation, warehousing and distribution, retail, food services, hotel and hospitality, cleaning services, healthcare and social services. 

We are a dynamic and action-oriented union guided by our members who generate the change they want to see in their workplace.s, industries, and communities. Everyday, our stewards, elected local leadership, and health and safety representatives stand up for our members and ensure they have the representation they deserve at work.

We invest in our members. We believe that an engaged and educated membership is the key to building a strong union, capable of negotiating strong contracts and generating positive change. 

Our members and bargaining committees are prepared and committed to negotiating strong contracts and determined to achieve the highest workplace standards possible. 

By negotiating strong contracts, our members are making industry-wide improvements, preserving good Canadian jobs and sustaining the well-being of middle class communities across Canada.

We remain committed to the principles which led our predecessor unions to fight to bring an end to sweatshops in North America. From large manufacturing plants to small food service providers to social service workers, all workers deserve the protection of a union and the opportunity to improve workplace standards.

We advocate on a range of economic and social justice issues impacting workers both in Canada and around the world. These include advocating for a decent minimum wage, stronger labor protections, racial equity, income equality, migrant rights, and improving garment factory conditions across the world, in countries like Cambodia and Bangladesh.

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