Jody Weinreich

It would be hard to find a more active union member or retiree than Jody Weinreich, who has been a member of the Pennsylvania Joint Board since 1967.

When Jody’s husband, Irv, was serving our country in Vietnam, her union job and benefits enabled them to purchase their first home. The many friends Jody made in the union helped her get started on her community activism, which she continues to this day. She is also still friends with many of her co-workers from her first job in 1967.

“Being a member of a union means you have someone to stand up for you,” says Jody. “You have regular hours and good benefits, including a pension, and you know when your vacation and holidays are coming up. You have a voice at your job.” Jody has been retired over 10 years and she serves as the Retiree Coordinator for PAJB. She is also a Regional Board Member of the Alliance for Retired Americans.

She enjoys visiting the retiree clubs in her area and telling them about their union benefits. She credits Irv as her “partner” in the job – he is always helping her with her many projects! They met at the Bethany Children’s Home in Berks County as children, so that is always one of their favorite projects.

They have donated backpacks, clothing, and other items for the children. Jody was able to secure Major League Baseball T-shirts when Under Armour closed the Vanity Fair outlet store in Reading. Under Armour donated 70 boxes of shirts, which Jody, Irv, and other volunteers distributed to some veterans’ organizations and to the Bethany Children’s Home, as well as to Roosevelt Elementary School in Allentown.

When you see Jody, she will often be crocheting. When she and Irv go to one of the many meetings or events they attend, she crochets while he drives. She has made 10 afghans and dozens, if not hundreds, of scarves, all of which she donates to people in need.

In short, Jody is always busy helping others. She says unions stand with you and help when you are in need. She has been providing that support to people in her community as well.

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