Political Action Committee

The Labor Movement was born out of politics and if union members fail to take an active role in politics, it will die because of politics.

Workers United takes an active role in politics for a very simple reason – it is one of the best ways to make sure that your job, wages, benefits and working conditions will be as strong as possible. We need to make sure that all the benefits you enjoy as a member of Workers United are not destroyed by the stroke of a pen signing legislation in Washington, D.C., or in a State Capitol.

Our predecessor unions' political involvement ended the abuses of child labor, instituted the 40-hour work week with overtime pay for working over 40 hours in a work week, passed the Family and Medical Leave Act, and established the minimum wage.

Here at Workers United, we are dedicated to carrying on the traditions of political involvement that form the basis of our past successes. That is why we continue to fight for the rights of all workers and oppose any legislative proposals that would limit the rights and privileges of workers and their families.

Our Union’s ability to have a positive effect in our local communities is based on the political and community involvement of our membership. Contributions to our PAC are voluntary but our strength depends on your support. 

That is why we ask you to participate in the Workers United Political Action Committee (PAC) and support the candidates recommended during elections –  not because we want to dictate your choice, but because the candidates and policies we recommend to you are ones we know will best protect your job and way of life and the communities where you live and work.