What is the Grievance Process?

If you are having a problem at work, talk with your Shop Steward who will help you if you decide to file a grievance.


Types of grievances:

  • Discipline
  • Contract interpretation
  • Violation of federal, state, or local laws
  • Past practice in the workplace
  • Employer’s rules

Steps in the grievance process:


  • Filing your grievance
    • Talk with your Shop Steward and explain the problem you are having.
    • The Shop Steward will either resolve the problem directly at this “informal discussion” stage or, if that’s not possible or appropriate, will assist you in filing the official grievance paperwork (see the section below for what kind of documentation you will need).
    • Once the grievance has been filed, the Steward will request all relevant information from management, including a copy of your personnel file, wage records, etc.
    • You and the Shop Steward will determine if the problem impacts others in the workplace and what remedy would resolve the grievance.
  • Document the grievance – all this information will be needed if a grievance is officially filed:
    • The Shop Steward will ask you to write down the facts and keep a log of any ongoing events that pertain to the grievance.
    • This will include the name of your supervisor, dates and times the grieved behavior occurred, why you feel your complaint should be filed as a grievance, what outcome you want, and if there are any witnesses.
  • Present the grievance
    • Make sure you and the Shop Steward are on the same page. They will accompany you to the grievance meeting with management.
    • The Steward will keep you informed as the grievance process moves forward.

Your Shop Steward will be by your side during the entire process.