Press Release

First Two Virginia Stores to Join Starbucks Movement

By Workers United

Richmond, VA – Starbucks partners in the Greater Richmond Region decided to join their fellow partners  around the country and organize with Starbucks Workers United. Partners submittedpetitions to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) seeking union representation.

The two stores that filed on Tuesday are the first to file in Virginia, adding Virginia to a growing list of states joining the Starbucks union movement. In addition to the Greater Richmond Region, union petitions have been filed by partners in Buffalo, Boston, Knoxville, Tallahassee, Chicago, Cleveland, Seattle, Mesa, AZ, Eugene, OR, Hopewell, NJ and Superior, CO.

The Forest Hill and Midlothian Carmea stores filed their union petitions despite Starbucks’ continued aggressive anti-union campaign around the country.

Starbucks continues to host mandatory anti-union meetings, send in corporate representatives and outside managers to spy on workers, and use Trump-era labor laws to delay elections for as long as possible. Partners have called on Starbucks to end their anti-union crusade and respect their right to organize.

Iman Djehiche. who has been working at the Midlothian store for almost two years, said: “I would just like to say this is making us hopeful for the future of Starbucks and its current partners as well as future partners. Our location is happy and excited to be a part of unionization efforts."

Katheryn Wiggers, a five-year barista at Forest Hill Avenue, said, “In solidarity with our organizing locations, we want to represent ourselves and exercise our right to unionize.”

Taylor Huggins, a two-year barista, said, "We're excited for a future where we can become true partners and have our voices heard"

Starbucks partners have repeatedly called on Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson to sign the Fair Election Principles that they have proposed.


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