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Southwest Regional Joint Board

The Southwest Regional Joint Board was formed in 1965 and represents workers in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas. Our members work in Manufacturing, Food Service, Laundries, Distribution and Xerox Graphics. We also represent workers in the Public Sector, City of Dallas. Our members work diligently on issues affecting them every day: Immigration Reform, Health Care, Fight for $15, Organizing new members, Racial and Economic Justice, Building Coalition Partners, Educating members and much more… 

Our vision for the Southwest Region is to build a stronger union, to lead and intensify the struggle for Workers Power, ensure Economic Justice, embrace diversity and secure the promise of Liberty for workers, families and communities.

The Southwest Region recognizes that our changing Society demands that we dedicate ourselves to training for leadership, to organize for growth, to mobilize for change and to educate for power.

It is critical that we now inspire each other, restore our hope, draw strength from our experiences and our past, celebrate our victories both great and small, hold ourselves accountable though continuous evaluation and always remember that our Society and Nation are a better place because we are here.  

We are particularly proud of our Youth Council, which was created in August of 2016. Our next generation of labor leaders, comprised of the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of our membership, learn about the history of organized labor and share the story with their peers.

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Member Story
Member Story

"Meet Linda"

Linda Gardner has been an outstanding leader in her local and the Southwest Regional Joint Board of Workers United.

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Jean Hervey

Regional Director

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Vice President

Bertha Walker

Financial Secretary

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Linda Gardner


Henry Humphrey


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